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10 GB 1 Database € 3.00 / Month Order Now add10

50 GB 10 Database € 6.00 / Month Order Now add50

100 GB 100 Database € 10.00 / Month Order Now add100  


Everything you see on these pages can reside on a Virtual Server. The home pages, the cgi scripts, the order form, all on a Virtual Server. So browse our pages and find out what a Virtual Server can do for your company.

Your virtual server will allow you to establish an Internet presence via multiple high speed connections at a fraction of the cost. Normally, to establish a presence on the Internet, it would require you to purchase a high speed Internet connection, costly equipment, and possibly a support staff. With the Virtual Server System you get the Internet services you want without the worries and costs of an Internet connection (and your customers will not be able to tell the difference).
Because we are not in the local access business, we are able to offer very competitive pricing and our servers are not slowed down by the processing time associated with the hundreds of 56K lines that a local access provider might use. Your pages are accessed with Multiple high speed Full OC3 Connections.

Our Virtual Servers offer you an inexpensive way to possess your own Domain Name,, and gain full control of your Internet Site. We have several different types of virtual servers available:


Webhosting S Webhosting L Webhosting XL
10 GB storage 50 GB storage 100 GB storage
1 Database 10 Database 100 Database
5 E-mails 50 E-mails Unlimited E-mails
€ 3,00 € 6,00 € 10,00


These prices ex. domainname


Additional add-ons:


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