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10 GB 1 Database € 3.00 / Month Order Now add10

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  1. Customer will use the hosting services within the constraints of the Dutch law.

  2. The customers accepts that the content of the files they publish on the systems of Hosting 4 All do not conflict with the copyright, trademarks, patents, common law or other rights. The content of the pages may not be offensive in nature to others. Hosting 4 All reserves the right to deactivate the account of customers who offend in a potentially illegal activity, without notice of the customer. The customer agrees to indemnify Hosting 4 All in all the disadvantages they might suffer as a result of the use of illegal material.

  3. Hosting 4 All reserves the right, to disable the customers account due to default of payment or disable the clients account when he abuses hosting services provided by the personal insights of Hosting 4 All

  4. All hosting services are extended without notice. When the customer wants to terminate his subscription he must notify Hosting 4 All at least 2 months before the start of next period.

  5. The service is provided subject to availability. Hosting 4 All does not guarantee for the proposed hosting services. This means that the customer may never sue Hosting 4 All due to lost revenues caused by an interruption of service by Hosting 4 All or the suppliers of Hosting 4 All. Hosting 4 All may rely on third parties for the implementation of the hosting services.

  6. Hosting 4 All cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the products or hosting services of Hosting 4 All by the customer for any reason. Hosting 4 All keeps its server software up to date without notice and cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the failure of a website due to upgrading the server software.

  7. While Hosting 4 All is considered reasonable for the charge of maintenance and backup of data for the customer, Hosting 4 All is not responsible for the files located in the customer systems. The customer is solely responsible for backing up his data to prevent any data loss.

  8. Given the public nature of the Internet it is assumed that all information is accessible to the public. Important or private information should therefore be carefully handled. Hosting 4 All cannot guarantee the protection or the confidentiality of the content of electronic messages or other information or data transmitted over the Internet.

  9. It is strictly forbidden to use or distribute e-mail address lists for spam and unsolicited e-mail practices. However they may create or resell e-mail address lists if the respective owners of addresses in these lists have authorised it. Hosting 4 All reserves the right to disable the account of customers who engage in such practices. The customer may not sue Hosting 4 All for any losses that may result from the misuse of electronic data by the customer.

  10. All juridical conflicts between Hosting 4 All and the customer can only take place in the authorized court of Amsterdam.

  11. Hosting 4 All or Hosting 4 All providers retain control and ownership of all IP addresses assigned to the customer. Hosting 4 All reserves the right to change or withdraw any IP address.

  12. Each order is final. If the customer decides to cancel his order at any time of the period covered by the payment, the balance will be used to cover the administrative costs arising from the early cancellation.

  13. Hosting 4 All reserves the right to change or adjust the rates at any time.

  14. Hosting 4 All reserves the right to change or review the terms and conditions at any time.


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