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Web Hosting

Establishing an Internet presence for your organization can be one of the most important steps you take. There are hundreds of ways to do it and it is our goal to make sure you do it right.

Why should your organization have a Web site?
With an estimated market of over 50 million people (and growing at a very rapid rate), the World Wide Web is much more than just another form of advertisement, it is a marketing tool that can be designed for any or all of the following purposes:

  • Generate immediate orders

  • Provide qualified leads

  • Provide instant access to catalogs or other company information

  • Provide an excellent means of communication within an organization

  • Keep current customers updated on new products and/or services

  • Provide helpful information to prospects, browsers, or anyone in need

  • Use as an inexpensive form of marketing research

  • Save a fortune on printing and mailing costs

  • Build credibility for your organization

Introducing the Haydar Net user interface
Haydar Net has user-friendly software for easy Web site management that comes pre-installed on all of our virtual servers and works on any computer platform. It allows our clients complete and total access to their server and Web page files where they can perform a host of administrative tasks at any time. Unlike other software, it is fully accessible via the Web, meaning as long as you have access to the Web, you have full access to your virtual server.

The Web Site Manager eliminates the need for complicated UNIX, Telnet and FTP sessions by simplifying UNIX server configurations with easy-to-understand Windows-like commands. Using the Web Site Manager is as easy as using an ATM machine.

  • Create Directories

  • Upload Files

  • Edit Web Pages

  • View Statistics

  • Download FTP Files

  • Create E-mail Aliases

  • Create Bulletin Boards

  • Create Auto Responders

  • Create POP Accounts

  • Password Protect Directories

  • Set up Passwords for Users

  • Check Available Server Space

  • Send Mailings

  • Create CGI Scripts

  • Debug Perl Scripts

  • and more

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