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10 GB 1 Database € 3.00 / Month Order Now add10

50 GB 10 Database € 6.00 / Month Order Now add50

100 GB 100 Database € 10.00 / Month Order Now add100  

The begin of Hosting 4 All was in reselling web spaces before, and like all beginners we had to start from € 0,-, the only thing we had to do is paying for our virtual host
Hosting 4 All is not a reseller anymore but one of the biggest companies in the web hosting industry

You can also begin the same way we began, and become a big company like us or even better.

What should you do to begin?

First find companies that are interested in getting on the Internet.

Second, go to our online order form and order the Virtual Servers you need for your customers.

Third, Hosting 4 All will register the company's DNS and send you their configuration information.

Finally, You can then design and maintain the pages your customer wants and charge them whatever fee you like!

Your Customer NEVER needs to know that his information actually resides on our machine. You can then charge them in excess of $150/month or whatever you want, for the server.

Look at our pricing discounts below and you will know exactly how much your servers will cost per month. There are no additional hidden fees!

If you are unsure of the configurations and options you need, check out the server pricing page.

Normal Resellers:

  Reseller Prices per Server per Month
Server Configurations 1-2
  € 6.00 € 5.40 € 5.10 € 4.80 € 4.50 € 4.20
Discount:   10%
On All Servers!
On All Servers!
On All Servers!
On All Servers!
On All Servers!

*These prices are just an example

International Resellers:
These are resellers who cover a whole country or area, these resellers will get from 35% to 40% depending on The number of clients they have and their monthly payments.

We support our international resellers with all the knowledge they need and give them a direct support to their costumers with their branded name, that means a costumer will never know that Hosting 4 All answers their questions and think that company X is the owner and the supporter of their server.

The only conditions we ask our International Resellers is: Their sales should be more than € 1,000 per month. And they should be able to pay € 500 per month to our account.

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